No nonsense software development

Are you looking for a good developer who will think along with you and communicates clearly? At Pebble Software we think deeply about all the technical details, so you won't need to worry about them. We communicate in a language you can understand, without unneccessary jargon.

Independent and honest

We are not invested in any specific vendor or technologies. This means we can give independent and sound advice. Because we are not trying to sell a product, we are also able to point out the possible downsides of a particular solution.

When you have something developed by us, we do this based on open standards and free software (sometimes called open source software). Because of this, you are not dependent on us for future development. Open standards ensure interoperability between programs, and there is an open market of free software developers from which you can select the best candidate for the job.

Experience and deep knowledge

Pebble Software represents an academic background, enriched by more than 15 years of experience in software development. Our know-how includes a variety of technologies. This enables us to offer the most suitable solution for your needs.