We can be of service with almost any type of software-related project. Our focus is on the services listed below, but of course you can always contact us for other things.

Our strength is in development with the Scheme programming language, but we also have extensive experience with JavaScript, C, Ruby, Python and PHP. Furthermore, PostgreSQL has few secrets for us due to years of experience building database-driven applications.

Custom software development

We have an expertise in building complex, database driven systems which process large amounts of data. This of course includes creating graphs and other visualisations so that you can gain more insight in your data.

Creating software libraries and general-purpose development tools is one of our spearheads. We love to rack our brains on simplifying complex underlying systems in elegant ways, so that your programmer can concentrate on that which is truly important: your application. Naturally, documentation in English (or in Dutch, if requested) is always provided.

Technical writing

Speaking of documentation, if you would like to explain a technical subject to a larger audience, you can feel comfortable assigning this task to us. We maintain a much visited blog entitled "More magic", where complex subjects are distilled down to their essence and explained in an understandable way, often supported by clear diagrams.

To reach as many people as possible, English is a sensible choice, but we will also gladly write in Dutch. In that case we avoid unnecessary use of English jargon.


When you or your programmers get stuck on a particularly tricky bug it can be nice to get a fresh and independent perspective on the software. Debugging is not everyone's favourite activity, but we enjoy the challenge of puzzling out difficult problems. We will also gladly investigate performance problems in your application.


Of course you may also employ our knowledge in other ways. If, for example, you would like a second opinion before entering a software development project, or assistance orienting yourself on available software packages, we can help. For a security check of your existing application, we also have the requisite knowledge.